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1971 Beyond Borders Malayalam Movie Review

1971 Beyond Borders Malayalam Movie Review

Major Ravi films are those which do not give any expectation before trailer release but after. Similarly, 1971 BB is also one such film which also got the same response before its release.

The Story revolves around the war between India and Pakistan in 1971. Starting with narration by Mammootty, the movie says the story of Major Mahadevan and Sahadevan. The story told in the movie is in the method of Flash Back.

Mohanlal have three get up in the film. All were good . Mohanlal’s excellent performance is one among the few positives in the movie . In words and movement Mohanlal proved to be a valiant warrior. Allu Sirish who has done supporting have nothing to do. He may be included in the movie as marketing tricks. His performance was also strictly average. Other Supporting actors has done justice to their roles.

In Detail

First half is just average. Starting of the First half is in Hindi and English . Major Ravi have mixed family elements with war sequences.  First half starts with Georgia Mission but didn’t get enough boost as expected. Family elements scenes in first half were good. Here Major Ravi fails to execute an excellent theme that he want to convey. First half contains lot of cliches which we have seen in few Major Ravi films before. Interval Punch was the best part in first half. It really helped the movie in making audience feel something big is coming in second half and not to leave the theatre after seeing the lagging first half.

Coming to second half, breaking viewer’s expectation followed the same path as in the first half. Started slowly. The Build up given to some characters was good. But the only good thing in the second half is the ‘Tank Chase’.  Climax has done in night mode which affects the viewer’s viewing badly. Nothing was clear.

Technically the movie is good. Sujith Vasudev’s frames were awesome. Songs are also good. BGM was impressive but coming to climax it was also bad. The message that Major Ravi wanted to convey was ” War is not between soldiers but a head of the country “. But the lack of good Script effect the execution.

I would like to give it 2 out of 5