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Actor Vijay Visited Anitha’s House


The suicide of 17-year-old medical student Anitha after she failed to get admission since the government failed to ensure that NEET was not implemented has got the student community seething in large-scale protests and accusing the state government and the Centre of driving her to take the extreme step. Anitha’s suicide controversy has been making the headlines for the past few days. Many celebrities have expressed their grief via social media while some have even offered monetary benefits to Anitha’s family.

Anitha, who hailed from Ariyallur, a place 250 km from Chennai, had committed suicide demoralised that her dream of becoming a doctor would never be fulfilled. This despite the fact Anitha was a Plus-2 topper and had managed to score 1176 marks out of 1200.

Vijay who remained silent regarding this issue paid a surprise visit to Anitha’s house to console her parents. Photos of Vijay controlling Anitha’s father is spreading in social media like wild fire. This sure is a humble and kind gesture from Thalapathy.

The photo of Thalapathy with Anitha’s father has set a fire in social platforms and creating waves. Moreover Thalapathy is receiving good appreciation for his kind and humble gesture.