You can’t block profile of Mark zuckerberg in fb. Do you know why.?

You can’t block Zuckerberg’s profile in fb

You can block family, friends and even the President of the United States on Facebook. But there is one person you can’t – Mark zuckerberg.

Users attempting to rid themselves of the Facebook CEO are told they can only send in a report if the person goes against Facebook’s Community Standards.

When people do not want to see your posts, they will either unfriend you, stop following you or they will block you.

If you press the block button on both of their profiles, a message saying “Block Error” will be returned. Which meaning that there “was a problem while blocking Mark Zuckerberg.Or Priscilla Chan” and you should “try again”.

Zuckerberg writes a lot about updates to Facebook. And also news about his personal life or statements on current events on his personal page.

According to a report in The Independent, those posts then seem to benefit from help from the Facebook algorithm. They are interacted with, pushing them onto people’s news feeds.

Blocking the Facebook founder and his wife was a useful way of keeping those posts from appearing before it was banned. Mark zuckerberg

The ban has been in place since 2010. And even led to a now-defunct website that exists only to point out that it’s impossible to block Zuckerberg, the report pointed out.

This is because the site can only allow a person to be blocked a certain number of times. And once that limit is reached then they can no more be blocked.