Cats inherit 21 crores trust fund from late owner in New York

Cats inherit 21 crores from thier owner!!! believe it or not

A New York woman has left her two pet cats 21crores ($300,000) in her will of course Cats inherit 21 crores. Ellen Frey-Wouters, who died at the age of 88. Without any heirs to inherit her $3 million estate, left $300,000 in a trust fund for her cats. The names of cats are Troy and Tiger. She left strict instructions that the money be used to ensure her pets would be “lovingly” cared for and never caged.

The pampered felines will have all their expenses, including food, grooming and veterinary care, covered by the generous

trust fund .

The former alley cat is now living the good life in sunny Ocala, Fla., dining on filet- mignon-flavored Fancy Feast and bedding down in a plush faux-fur bed with silk lining.

“He deserves it,” said Dahlia Grizzle, the former home health aide to the late Ellen Frey-Wouters, and now Tiger’s caretaker. “He’s a wonderful cat.”

Frey-Wouters, a Netherlands native who worked for the United Nations, died in 2015 at age 88. Her husband, a Brooklyn College professor, passed away in 1989, and the couple’s only child died in infancy.

“She cared the cats like her babies”,  Grizzle said.

When Frey-Wouters suggested that she leave the large sum to her actually kitties  Lawyer Irwin Fingerit got surprised.

The Queen of mean named Leona Hemsley became sort of laughingstock since she left 4 crore rupees to a dog.(Actually Hemsley left 12 million dollar )

The felines, which are now cared for by two of Frey-Wouter’s former health care aides. They will have all of their food, grooming, veterinary care and other expenses covered by the trust fund.

Actually in foreign countries these kind of news are common.For this reason you will be thinking like being a cat is better than living as a human.Yes it’s true.