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Odiyan teaser is coming..!!

Odiyan teaser
Odiyan teaser

Mohanlal’s latest movie Odiyan teaser will be releasing today. The director has confirmed it through twitter.

Who is Odiyan after all? Mohanlal, who is in the lead role in Odiyan left the curious fans spinning saying Odiyan is the ‘King of the night’ who treads his way forth through the blanket of ‘darkness’ cast by the lonely night.

But here, director Menon is giving some much awaited sneak-peek into his debut film:

”Odiyan exists at the margins of a curious mix of history and folklore. Odiyan, the dreaded black magician, can nip off a fully grown fetus from a mother’s womb with the tip of a bamboo.

A blanket of mystery and fear shrouds the half man- half beast. He prawls through the night, with the wand of wicked magic.

As per reports, this fantasy thriller film titled Odiyan will entirely using 3D technology. However, the talks are in a nascent stage and we await an official confirmation regarding the same.