Sarahah..! the trending app of the month…but..!!


Sarahah, which has been created by Saudi developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq has gone viral for a simple reason – it lets you send anonymous messages to people.We’ve all wanted to tell our friends or perhaps our bosses about their annoying habits. But most of us don’t have the courage to do this face-to-face.

Once logged in, you can share your Sarahah link (it usually reads on

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or copy the link and post it to a different social network. Anyone who has the link will be able to send you messages.


It has been became one of the most using app by young peoples.but the problem now arised is some people are using it to take revenge on other peoples. One young guy told that “in friendship there is no need of barriers. Directly we can tell anything to our friends”. Yes its right but anyway we have to follow the trend right.?. Sarahah is now becoming another social app like watsapp since it has crossed millions of user support.





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