Sunny Leone’s picture with her adopted daughter has stirred a controversy

Sunny Leone’s picture with her adopted daughter has stirred a controversy.

Central Adoption Resource Authority(CARA) is now in trouble . Since they violated the Juvenile Justice Act by putting out a picture of the girl. And also with ‘unpleasant and objectionable’ statements.Everyone are  honouring the actress and praising her for adopting a child on Twitter. While CARA made offensive comments about the 21-month-old baby, now named Nisha Kaur Weber.Sunny Leone’s picture with her adopted daughter.

The Star Child Protection Committee which was formed for the implementation and protection of the JJ Act has taken offense at the announcement. It was for Protection of Child’s Rights and Ministry of Child and Women Development.  The Commission has sought an inquiry report from the Central Women and Child Development Secretary. Union Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi has also instructed to take necessary action. Which will be against the officer who violated the JJ Act.

This is the first time that a notice  issued against CARA for violating the JJ Act. Vibhanshu Joshi, a former member of the State Child Protection Committee, has raised the issue prominently. And objecting to comments on the child’s skin colour and appearance. Yashwant Jain who is a member at National commission for protection of Child’s Right’s given a report. CARA responded with a objectionable tweet but removed.

Sunny Leone and her husband had filed an online application for adopting a child on CARA’s Website back in 2016. In June 2017, Sunny met the 21-month-old baby girl for the first time. Following the legal procedure, CARA gave Sunny the child in pre-adoption foster care. CARA uploaded a picture of the child on August 4. It was violating the child’s privacy and even made derogatory remarks about her.

Sunny, who was recently seen wooing Shah Rukh Khan in Raees song “Laila Main Laila”, makes news with whatever she does. But this time, it isn’t about her films, item songs, television shows, or even her brand endorsements. This time, the reason is more personal.