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I have to say something on the collection of great father movie. I decided to write this after reading various comments and fights between the fans regarding the collection report of ‘THE GREAT FATHER’.
The great father released in 202 screens on march 30. I also agree that the film has about 52 screen removals from 1st of April onwards. It’s not because, it’s a bad movie.

They planned the solo release for first two days only. Even actor Dileep postponed his movie for two days for helping the same. Everybody knows great father is scheduled for 202 screens for first two days and 150 screens afterwards. So there is no point in listing these 52 screens removal.

Coming to the point, great father collected 4.31 cr on the first day from approximately 958 shows. (Please keep in mind that Pulimurugan got 4.08 cr from 879 shows. The 100 early morning shows and 45+ late night shows helped TGF to achieve this milestone). From the second day onwards great father got released in 150+ screens outside Kerala. The collection figure published by Mammookka is the all India figure for the movie. (Some people are shouting in social medias that how the movie can collect 5 cr + from second day onwards after the release of georgettan and along with strike. But of course u have to consider the collections from other 150+ screens outside Kerala).


The actual figures are approximately like this
1st day – 4.31 cr (kerala)
2nd day – 3.32 cr (Kerala) + 2.18 cr (outside Kerala)
3rd day – 3.62 cr (Kerala) + 1.58 cr (outside Kerala)
4th day – 3.85 cr (Kerala) + 1.61 cr (Outside Kerala)
Total Kerala collection – 4 days – 15.1 cr
Total outside Kerala collection- 5.37 cr
Grand total – 20.47 cr (approximately)


What I understand is only Lal’s fans have issues regarding the collection. It’s only because of the frustration after beating pulimurugan first day collection.Those who ask what is there in great father to make it a grand movie should also responsible to answer from the bottom of their heart, what was the story line quality of Pulimurugan. Also those critics should answer the following as well :

1. Pulimurugan grab 100 cr from 30 days and 150 cr from 85 days. Agreed. Then on the 150th day celebration the poster was like 150 days – 150 cr. So what about the rest 65 days. Is that zero.
2. Pulimurugan released on October 7th. How they became 200 day on the last week of march.
3. And how true was Munthirivallikal collection. Of course it’s a good movie (personally I think it’s far better than Pulimurugan and oppam). But it’s very hard to believe the collection of 50 cr in a short span of time for a non-mass movie.

At least you have to believe Prithviraj, Mammookka. Etc. They are professionals. They never don’t encourage these kind of dirty fan fights. Mohanlal announced munthirivallikal 50 cr collection through his fb page. Mommootty and prithviraj done the same thing regarding the collection of TGF as an actor and a producer.
(Of course am a fan of mammootty. But more over am a big big lover of Malayalam films. Used to watch all movies without any discrimination on the first day/first week itself.)